About Us

DJ Ranjeet a Producer, DJ/DVJ, is an artist who is trying to play music in a unique way and make gigs and events successful. The moto to make people dance has made Dj Ranjeet to give new and newer music all the time when he uses the console. A variety of genre played by him is making audience enjoy the every moment at the events and parties. Being a producer, mashups and electronic mixes are made which are played by various djs in their audio and video sets. With this DJ Ranjeet has synthesized the international tracks and bollywood music to put them in a new way as the Mashups. A creative cloak is pushing him always to bring new tunes in world of electronic music with the blend of bollywood tracks. DJ Ranjeet has shared the console with many renowned Artists like Dj Lemon, DVJ Vicky and Aditya, Dj Adeet, Aakar –the-rock-band- , AK, DJ Atul and not to forget about the name Dj Saurabh who is working with DJ Ranjeet and are also known as Farrago Twins as the style of playing music and synchronizing with each other has made them to work together for the past decade. The ingenious ideas in music have given these artists a lash by which they exert entertainment to the audience.